Gold Dust


A collection of shit I like and find inspiring.


Porcelain Skins by Jessica Drenk

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Cella (2012) by Ecoid 

This project has been launched at Kickstarter

Material: UV Protected Clear Plastic (PVC)

Cella was developed from a green roof research project called “Mosspebble” at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. Because moss gathers all of its nutrients from the air, it doesn’t need soil. However, it requires certain levels of wind, shade and moisture. Instead, we observed that moss seems to thrive on rocks and pebbles – their porous surfaces are perfect for growth. This inspired Cella’s unique design. After four years of careful observation and modification, we’ve perfected it to the lightweight, contemporary model you see now.

Cella’s unique ability to create the optimal microclimate for moss and plug plants make it adaptable to all kinds of environments. The small, organic form of the units make efficient use of space to fit a garden in an urban home or apartment, and can be installed on any surface. There are no limits to your landscaping visions – grow a traditional garden on the floor, or have it climb up the walls and hang from the ceiling.

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Peacocks Cheeks Johnson by Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.

Stephen Rolfe Powell
American Glass Artist

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Lorna’s Garden, Ireland, 2012 

by Robert Ellis

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I never actually say hi to my friends, I just make creepy faces at them from a distance.

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